Friday, February 15, 2013

Cat & Rosa



A small apartment in Berlin

(ROSA reclines on the sofa while CAT paces nervously.)

ROSA:  Think how much Germany could save if we simply got rid of all the undesirables.

CAT:  Isn’t that becoming a fine line, Rosa?

ROSA: Not at all.  There is a clear distinction between the worthless and those of value.

CAT: And what, pray tell, is that distinction?

ROSA: The worthless are clearly those living off the government’s dime.

CAT: People get injured, Rosa.  It is a fact of life.

ROSA:  Oh, but the true Germans would pay for it themselves.

CAT: What if true Germans could not afford to?  It is an age of inflation.

ROSA: They would die with honor.  That is true dedication to the Fatherland.

CAT: I think we differ on the notion of what is true.

ROSA: But we should not.  Truth is a construct.  We must resist the communist and Jewish influence, or have it become us.

CAT: Are communists and Jews really the worse alternative?

ROSA: Bite your tongue.

CAT: You would seek to murder or expel citizens simply out of monetary gain. There is more to life than money.

ROSA: There is not, when our enemies surround us.  Germany must devote her resources to the tanks and guns.

CAT: We’re becoming our own enemy, Rosa. Can’t you see?

ROSA: I see cowardice and it would do you well to talk a little less. (CAT starts packing her suitcase.) Where are you going?

CAT: I’m leaving this country, before more think like you.


You've found your way inside my head and now there's no way out!