Saturday, February 16, 2013

Help Animals with the Quillective Project

Some things parents cannot explain.  The simple questions asked by children are often the most profound of these.  I remember asking why humane societies had to kill animals they took in to save.  “There’s just not enough room,” never stuck with me as a good enough answer.  I often thought that they could do more and always felt it was barbaric.  For the longest time, I was not aware an alternative existed.  My friend, Amber Norrgard, was the first to tell me about no-kill shelters.

The idea really struck a chord with me.  I felt for the first time in supporting these I could do more than watching news broadcasts where animals were killed instead of helped.

The Quillective Project began as poetry collaboration between myself, Amber Norrgard, Rob Zimmermann and Scott Morgan.  I brought up the idea of using it to support a charity and Amber found the cause.  The plan was to create a book of our collected words to help a no-kill shelter in Dallas.  It is a cause I hope will catch on.  The proceeds may be going to one institution, but it will benefit all of them.

 I love animals and always have.  I helped rescued four cats last week and the value of life reminded why it is important, not just to this project, but to all charities that we strive for something better than the status quo. Every time a book is purchased it’s going to benefit the sponsored organization, Dog and Kitty City.

Please support our project and make a difference in the lives of the animals.

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  1. A worth cause for sure, Ben,,,one I will check out and also see if we have anything similar in our area,,,well done for putting care into action,,,

    1. Thanks, Ellecee! I'm really glad my words can help.

  2. You commented on my blog recently that I had a kind heart. Sir, after reading this, it's YOU who has the kind heart. I will get involved. This is a worthwhile cause that deeply touches me as an animal lover.


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