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When I was a child, my grandmother read my siblings and me pages from a lost story book. This book had no author, title, or publisher. None of us could find out where it came from. I leave this mystery to you. Please enjoy these fairy tales, and share them with all who will listen.

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A poetry collection benefiting The Humane Society of Dallas County's No-Kill Shelter, Dog & Kitty City.

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In this short story, three friends hijack a magic zeppelin and travel through time to stop the Holocaust.

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Explore free-verse haiku like never before as Haiku in the Night takes you through an unforgettable emotional journey.

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In this short by Ben Ditmars, Jeff Witherspork has spent his whole life being different. The other kids made fun of his strange name and that was the least of it. They never knew about the doors opening on their own or the paths appearing out of nowhere. He kept it completely secret, until adulthood when a mysterious email arrived, throwing him into an elaborate mystery with others like him. Together, they must solve a riddle hidden deep within the earth and time itself for milennia. Should they fail, much more than the planet is at stake... 

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Night Poems takes on the seasons at every hour of the dark. There's a subtle energy, bordering malaise and mystery that comes to life. Don't miss the peculiar observations or the striking truths as the clock winds down. Marion of Dragonfly's Poetry and Proxlixity writes, "Unmasking the night from gloaming to dawn, Ben Ditmars' "Night Poems" shimmer and shine like sky diamonds in the black velvety heavens.." And Charity Parkerson, author of the hit novel A Secure Heart, raves "he had me hooked from the very beginning."

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Ten Minutes in Heaven, the breakthrough new book of ten minute plays, takes you to a different world; one of free-love and pirates; burglary and Noah’s ark; the bedroom of a murderous couple; two men fighting for a dumpster in the midst of a recession; the ultimate showdown between Socialism and Capitalism; all to end with the actors from the Wizard of Oz reunited in heaven. Take the escalator or the stairs on this unforgettable journey of ten minute plays. Age 14+.

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In Gnomes of Coyûl, Motty is a melancholy gnome, seeing little purpose to his humdrum life or dead-end job. Things seem finally too much for him until he meets a human named Theo, who rescues him from a barrage of attacking elves.  They become fast friends as the elders confine Theo to live within the boundaries of the tree-city forever. But fate has more in store for them than this. As the same forces chasing Theo unite to assault the gnomes' tree the man and gnomes are forced to flee toward safety. Their journey begins as they discover the only way to save their civilization, and the world at large from further conquest, is by defeating a demented Elf-Queen living far away.  Through fairy prisons and realms of unicorns the gnomes and man must battle past vicious trolls, winding tunnels and other harrowing villains and locations to finally end up in the elfish city itself and accomplish the task of destroying an Elf-Queen and her magic staff.