Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rainbow Lullaby

Bluebirds cry

Dreams really do
Come true.

The clouds aren’t far
Behind me.

She’s still

She has found
The rainbow.

I can hear
A lullaby.

There isn’t any

Beyond the moon,
The stars…

Over the

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Book Love

Books are time machines.
Books are cars, and planes, and submarines.
Books are rocket ships and magic beans.
Books are goblins, dragons, kings, and queens.
Books are beating hearts and things unseen.
Books are marijuana and caffeine.

Fantasy Castle

Monday, August 12, 2013

Poetic Perspectives on Love

I'm often fascinated how differently people view the same words, ideas and concepts.  I find this especially true with the word love and recently asked several poets to describe what loves means to them.  Perhaps we can get closer to unraveling something so painfully elusive?

Huge thanks to Amber Jerome Norrgard, Regina Puckett, Poppy Ruth Silver, Helle Gade, Brock Gates, Sreya Bremtin, and Susie Clevenger for their beautiful words.

August 6th 2008 - Leave a Little Room In Your Heart

I will fight against you, for you
Because you mean more to me
than any fight can ever erase

Amber Jerome~Norrgard

Breathes held between
lingering sighs. Tangled thoughts
hemorrhage through loving eyes.

Regina Puckett

It is the surrender
that loses light
and yet invites

Poppy Ruth Silver

I walked into your soul
Embraced all that you were with my love
But death is a jealous lover
Now that you are gone
I'll forgive, but never forget

Helle Gade
Silent Dreams - Nocturnal Embers

When hate dies, compassion begins, when a violent urge to take care and be one with another, that is a two side deal, to break free of the curse of loneliness

Brock Gates
Website on Tumblr

Love is energy
And motion over time
Transcending distance.

Love will save us
If it doesn't kill us first.

Broken bottles
Shatter glass
Into a love letter
On the tear stained floor.

Ben Ditmars

midnight rain kisses
shower eye lashes with dew
the sweet love of you

spider web wishes
tangle around thoughts of you
to hold fast my heart

you spoke, i answered
together we wrote the words
that said everything

Sreya Bremtin

I came with heartbreak
and you never left my side
through sickness and health

together we stood
facing every storm trusting
faith would see us through

goodnight never saw
our heads lay upon anger
forgiveness our choice

life came with its thorns
but they couldn’t divide us
love defied all odds 

Susie Clevenger

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Let the Seed Decay

I dream in ways
my mouth cannot articulate
in ways my hands refuse to write
I am a prisoner inside
and there are bars
the world will never break
because they are made from fear
of death and losing all that
I have hid inside them
for so long.

let the seed decay
and never bloom
it will be better
understood that way.

. Dreams

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Spiced Dawn, Eclipsed With Venom (Collaboration with Ben Ditmars and PoppySilver)

She bathed in surreal/resembling a dream/an incubus hallucination/trance, vagary and wrath/in the shadow she dwelt/mystified by death/it curved around her thighs, thoughts and heart/while daylight teased her lips/leaving strings of fire like saliva/caught between the stars/her soul had met its match/had suffocated lives long past/she had seen the doorway/invited him to witness it/he only had to offer her his blood/a simple sacrifice/yet more than picturesque/aesthetic qualities/one might taste/but never know/he would be a part of her/lost within the vast miasma/of her ventricles and veins/there he would swirl for longer than a lifetime/and a day/treason lingered in her soul/smeared with distaste for heaven/she absorbed his apathy/inhaled his sadness/such a succulent whirlpool of transparent fear/ beyond the pale of human skin/passive velleity turned raw emotion/the timbre of a voice/becoming one/within the walls/fingernails dug deep into/the fabric of eternity/and stretched time as it was known/pierced the core/ripped the dreams assundar/death was pungent/spiced with life/merged/they breathed/rapidly/let snakes hiss around their feet/venom writhed through their auras/oblivion never tasted so sweet/or putrid to vainglorious believers/in the craft of celibate demise/souls decay/if day by day/our sins become our passion/and she was more than vice to him/a guilty pleasure/sweet dessert/engorging all his senses/tasting, touching, hearing/more, than even five/he felt her on a cosmic plane/away from earth/she tasted his primal/raw/surge/engulfed him/released him/an orb unto the night/forever in her aura he remained/shone like a star unseen before/when she panged for more/he yearned for more/both/breathed/continually together/forever/continium/they had eclipsed the dawn/

(c)2013 Ben Ditmars and Poppy Ruth Silver

Poppy's Website -

Speak to the Stars

If I could echo
One small word
Across the universe
It would be love.
The hottest and most distant
Coldest planets,
Black holes and
Neutron stars will know
A species overcame
Their greed and lust
For that one, small word
If only for a moment
As they spoke to stars.

Crab Nebula: Energy for 100,000 Suns (NASA, Chandra, 11/23/09)