Saturday, September 28, 2013


She calls the moon distracting
stars imperfections in a velvet cloth
the nighttime unromantic
owls heard in the distance
are unsettling and artificial light
cannot compare to dawn.

Crescent moon over Highway 5 bridge, reflections in Montlake Cut, Seattle, Washington, USA

Saturday, September 14, 2013

We've All Got Something

I wrote a poem to the beat of Let Her Go by Passenger

I’ve got something
But it’s not a lot.

I’ve got sunlight
But I want the rain.

I’ve got love
And I want some more.

I’ve got demons
But I let ‘em be.

I’ve got eyes
That don’t always see.

I’ve got legs
That won’t always run.

I’ve got a heart
And I hope it beats.

I’ve got a soul
Somewhere deep inside.

I’ve got time
To dream a dream.

I’ve got stars
To count at night.

I’ve got screams
That interfere.

I’ve got a feeling
Something isn’t right.

I’ve got nothing
We ain’t got nothing
If we cannot act.