Saturday, September 14, 2013

We've All Got Something

I wrote a poem to the beat of Let Her Go by Passenger

I’ve got something
But it’s not a lot.

I’ve got sunlight
But I want the rain.

I’ve got love
And I want some more.

I’ve got demons
But I let ‘em be.

I’ve got eyes
That don’t always see.

I’ve got legs
That won’t always run.

I’ve got a heart
And I hope it beats.

I’ve got a soul
Somewhere deep inside.

I’ve got time
To dream a dream.

I’ve got stars
To count at night.

I’ve got screams
That interfere.

I’ve got a feeling
Something isn’t right.

I’ve got nothing
We ain’t got nothing
If we cannot act.


  1. col song...and i can hear the rhythm in your words....i like that last bit...we def have to be willing and ready to act....or not....

  2. The last stanza is so well said and deep in thoughts ... loved it !!!

    1. Thanks, Amrit. I was hoping the voice in the poem could use their own musings for action.

  3. Man, you pull them out of the hat. I love the way you did this one. I too, can hear the rhythm.

  4. Love this,,,I can relate so well,,so often this happens to me with your words,,,thanks so much for all that you share with us,,, :-)

  5. I love how you captured humanity in your words!
    We all dangle with the dark and the light and trying
    to stay on track, our path!
    Well Done Ben
    I loved the music, too

  6. love the song and your poem Ben.

    "I’ve got screams
    That interfere."

    :)))))))) yes, they interfere.


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