Wednesday, June 27, 2012


My good friend Brock shared some really edgy poems with me last night. He's given me permission to share excerpts from a few. He has a blog at Tumblr, IDGAF. I hope you all go visit!

Locked away in a hellish locker
by the school bully
A demon in a letterman jacket
He’s as rude and crude
as an undertaker
It's time for him to meet his maker.
-Lament of the Pariah

Never knowing what it is
When I talk about things
Jingle bells
and special hells
I cannot ever speak properly
stumbling over my words
fucking adverbs
-Speaking Sucks

Lets listen to some old school rap together
and pretend to be gangsters
even though we are white ass kids
-Sleepytime Poem

Image source: IDGAF via justgingerandglitter


  1. me likey. lots!


    "fucking adverbs" sounds like something i wrote.

    i want your verbs
    i want to touch your punctuation
    your adjectives make me wet
    i want to fuck your sentences


    hope you didn't mind me sharing ben.

    1. Oh I don't mind, in fact I thank you :)

      Great write!

  2. Speaking certainly's easier on 'paper'..maybe a little more powerful too..a little more there forever..Jae

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah, and it's just an excerpt. He wrote plenty more of it :)

  4. I really like his work...I need to check him out!


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