Monday, June 25, 2012

Remember the Days

Remember the days,
When we could be anything?
Our dreams were footsteps,
Laid out in the sand?
We just had to follow
And not stray.

Our castles mightier
Than thrashing tides
Against the shore,
Pulling just a little back
Each day.

The weeks seemed stronger
Than the months and years
As everything grew less
Before our eyes yet more
Beneath our feet.


  1. Now you have one lovin'. That last stanza I had to say aloud several times. I just loved the sound as well as the meaning. I've been away from the virtual part of my world and have much catching up to do. I'm glad I started with you.

    1. I'm glad I stopped by yours too. An amazing story.

    2. Just came back here again, when I was thinking of my brother jacky, my pal Jude, and me... building our versions of castles. To us, they looked like yours.

      And I had to say the last stanza yet again.

      That's all. I just figured you might like knowing some of us return to your poetry. It's like singing. We do it for the joy of the visit, part of the joy of living as a human. Sometimes I just don't wanna look at less.

      You might like knowing that the older I get, the stronger the weeks become.

    3. Oh, wow, very moved by your comment. That anything I wrote could mean something is an incredible honor.

  2. Ben you say I have a way with words...well so do you, very good piece!


    1. We both have a way with words! And captchas ;-)

  3. Wow! Have you ever read Chaim Potok's "Davita's Harp"? The young girl in there makes sand castles to keep them safe from "the fascists." It's humorous, but kind of makes sense from a kid's perspective. This poem TOTALLY reminded me of that scene.

  4. I don't remember, but rather enjoyed the piece.

  5. i wanna play in the sand now! that probably wasn't your direct intention, but that's what i wanna do now because of your words :)

    1. Wow, thank you Aguilar. Comments like that keep me going. I quoted you on Facebook with this intro:

      "A fellow blogger left a comment on my poem today. I was really moved, and felt it represented what writing means to me."

  6. Love it...I remember those days so well..Thanks for your comments on mine..I'm happy to follow too..Susie

  7. The last stanza says so much...I am not sure I dreamed enough and believed enough I could be/do anything... I am a late comer to that but I now dream beyond what I ever expected.


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