Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Battle of the Sexes

It ended sooner than we thought it could; the last and final battle of the sexes.  The battle for sex itself some said but they were mostly men.  The majority of women saw more; equality, an end to persecution, a host of other pipe dreams. I fought for something else entirely; myself. Ideology just got you killed. It made you a target. I'd seen too many head-in-the-clouds types get themself shot. The action takes place on the ground and you can't afford to be anywhere else.

I holed up in a basement, not hoping for things to get better so much as going down on my own terms. The fire fight still raged around me. I hadn't started it and I wouldn't finish it. There were no goals or strategies; just a gal and her automatic rifle. If vengeance took over for self-preservation, it didn't matter; not at this juncture. I wasn't coming out alive.

A door opened above me. I readied the trigger, waiting to fire. Two men were talking. They had a young girl with them. She clearly did not want to be with them. I felt for her; young, naive, thrown into a war of ceaseless ravaging. That's what it became in essence. Men grew tired of being men, reverting to their natural state. Some tried stopping it but only got themselves murdered by others. My father was one of them; the only decent man I'd ever known.

Her screams shook the walls. I smelled her fear. It wasn't that different from my first time. But it would be. I was alone; a penetrated wretch of guilt and shame. She had me. I readied my rifle once more, climbing the stairs.

I wasn't prepared for the sight but neither were they. Her bruised and broken state ignited a rage I promised myself would never get the better of me. I was idealistic as I fired rounds into a grotesque ape fondling the young girl. It was an unstoppable state. I penetrated the rest of them with bullets; disgusted and joyous at the same time.

The young girl stared at my moment of triumph. Or what should have been. I did not notice how I bled profusely. It hadn't seemed like I was hit. But I was. The room was blurred and spinning from control. I was a hero I thought hitting the ground, and I paid the price.


  1. This would be wonderful in a collection of short stories - which you should totally do by the way.

  2. "I penetrated the rest of them with bullets"

    This has to be the line of the week Ben!
    my life has been crazy hectic, and I haven't had the physical energy to keep up with it all, but I am at home tonight and I get to do some "fiction writing" I think I am going to devote at least two nights a week to my fiction projects...So, back to the boy tonight!

    Ben, I want a copy of all three of your books...

    Shoot me a message with your address...

    want to come to Portland this summer?


    1. Excited to see what you come up with! Sending you an email on the rest shortly.

  3. Thanks for the kind words everyone. I wrote this from another perspective today. Thinking I might do three!

  4. What a broken world...not too far from our own, right? I hope the lady makes it!

  5. Well that ties it all together nicely! See what happens when you haven't the time for daily reading? I love how the endings of the two parts totally match fro completely different perspectives! And now I see what you were talking about when you said you would be writing as a woman! Good job QBD!

    1. I was thinking of doing a third from the young girl's perspective.


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