Saturday, May 05, 2012

And now an introduction from a vampire!

Hi there. I bet you've heard of Ben's chapbook Night Poems by now. If you haven't, good! It's been terrible for business. Imagine, someone enjoying the night, contemplating its intricacies and NOT getting eaten in the process!?

Maybe we vamps simply had it too good; fear, power, multi-million dollar movie contracts... but that's all over now. Ben Ditmars has simply made the night too interesting and sexy. I can't feed under that kind of pressure. So, go ahead and read the damn book. Between you, me and NOT the other vampires... it was rather engaging.


  1. I'm so proud of you Ben! And I bet it is sexy!!! And interesting :) I mean, who wants sex without interest? Oh, yeah well...okay.

  2. Well, ahem, I bought & read this fine tome waaaay back in February, then gave it a 5-star review at I think I'll go "pin" it at Pinterest and give you some more good press. Just because you're one of my favorite gnomies. LOL! Happy Saturday, Ben. We saw "The Avengers" today. It was awesome. xo

    1. You're too sweet, Marion :)

      I saw the Avengers a second time today.

  3. intro!

    haven't seen Avengers yet : (

  4. "Ben Ditmars has simply made the night too interesting and sexy."

    Were I drinking, I'd have done a spit-take. Well done.


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