Friday, December 16, 2011


Over the course of the week I've gotten several Facebook ads from Pepto-Bismol mentioning by birthday  These are just a few:

"You have a birthday coming up. And no one knows better than Pepto how things can get out of hand."

"Hey, you don't have to have Pepto handy at your birthday gala. You also don't have to have snacks. Or drinks. Or fun."

"Happy birthday. If you had a Like button we'd Like you. But you don't. So instead, a friendly reminder: if you overdo it, Pepto's got you covered."


  1. LOL! When is your birthday, Ben? Are you a Capricorn? My granddaughter was born on Christmas Eve. I think someone thinks you're gonna party hardy this year. Ya think?? xo

  2. My birthday's today, the 16th, Marion. I'm a Sagittarius, a noble archer. When's yours? :)

    Haha I will, Berlinerin!

  3. Happy late Birthday...hope you didn't need pepto...

  4. Haha yeah, Shreya, totally pink.

    Turns out I didn't, Susie.


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