Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

My birthday's in about an hour. I could be celebrating but I wrote this poem instead:


I feel my head aching
and I see gray hairs;
brain matter seeps
through roots and
takes away my color.
I was once bright red
but now am faded to
the contrast of the wind.
When did I become a
wispy cloud of storms
with no mobility that I control?
The earth pulls me along,
shaping me to forms
those below can only guess.
I could be bitter but I’m tasteless
and your tongue is numb.


  1. Happy B'day :) Do I need to sing a b'day song for you? ;) Don't you dare to say yes, I am not gonna do it. :P Anyways, nice lines. :D Enjoy your day. \m/

  2. Aw, I want to hear you sing! I'm sure it's most lovely.

  3. OMG, I almost missed it! Happy, Happy Birthday to my favorite gnome lover. I hope your day is as great as you are!! xo

    Pssssst: How old are you? I won't tell anyone...really. Tee-Hee...

  4. Happy...birthday? Is it still your birthday??? Regardless, hope it's a good one.

  5. Nope, none of you missed it. I wrote it an hour before :)

    I'm 24, Marion.

  6. Happy birthday Ben May your gnomes be merry and bright!

  7. Haha thank you Wander. Got a big laugh reading your comment :)


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