Sunday, December 18, 2011

Unemployment Rate Hits 100%

No one is quite sure how it happened.  It may have been the result of a double dip recession turned depression; it may have been banks continuing to invest heavily in Europe.  Either way, it appears one-hundred percent of Americans are now unemployed.  The super-rich are even out of jobs, as nearly every company has failed or is in the process of bankruptcy.  Farmers have stopped harvesting; government employees have been suspended indefinitely.  Even this reporter is freelancing this story, hoping desperately for buyers in a hopeless market.  Basic utilities across the board have become imperiled as well.  Power and water facilities have no one to run them, and no money to operate.  Stores long since looted, city-dwellers are taking to growing their own food from seeds in the parking lots and abandoned buildings most have holed up in.  The President of the United States, long the last individual receiving a salary, recently resigned as his cabinet had months before.  He is now currently residing in a dumpster outside the Capitol Building.  His cardboard sign says THE END IS NEAR.  And he may just be right.


  1. Wow..hope we don't actually see this dire an outcome of our world economy..makes you wonder though.

  2. I have a feeling other country's would find ways to keep jobs better.

  3. The funny thing is my husband and I were always able to find a job. We moved a lot in our 20's and no matter where we landed, we had a job within a week. It might be at a mall or fast food place, but we were working. As Mama used to say, "Beggars can't be choosy." I even started my own house cleaning business and scrubbed toilets for a few years. But that job led to better jobs and on and on. And we worked two or three jobs each when necessary. At around age 30 we both went to to become a secretary/bookkeeper and my hubby an LPN (nurse). Those two careers paid for our home, cars and college for our two daughters.

    I sure hope things begin looking UP, though, for a while. Our country needs some leadership with a strong business background so they can make and live on a budget. xoxo

  4. You are definitely exceptional, Marion. I disagree with most though on the strong business background. Leadership, yes. But the government has too many obligations to think in such a narrow economic sense. People need health care. People need roads. Many even need assistance with food. And if we were running government as a business the thing we'd most be concerned about would the the business, or the government. Yes, balanced budgets are important. But not the most important.

    Why so shocked Shreya?


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