Friday, December 30, 2011

The Box

I play in the box
When reality fails expectations
And I need lift to outer space.

I play in the box
To remind myself that growing old
Takes being young.

I play in the box;
I hide away and be myself
Through crayons and glue.


  1. Cute..the pleasures of a cardboard box are's great when they come in grown up size! Happy New Year..Jae

  2. "I play in the box
    To remind myself that growing old
    Takes being young." - a perfect reason for playing in the box! the box is boundless and infinite, for a child... maybe us too if we let it - great write!

  3. Aww.. those were the days, cardboard boxes and all, I remember the day when I made a cardboard crown and felt like princess, lol :O

  4. Jae: Or I can squeeze myself into a kid size ;) Happy New Year!

    Ostensible: Thanks Ostensible. Welcome to the Spice!

    Shreya: You should make a new one Shreya and make it your blog pic ;)

    Berlinerin: Thanks :)

  5. Ha! Lift outer space. Damn, kids are strong. With imagination there is no weight, no space, no boundary, no CAN'T!

  6. For some reason I can’t read your post about the Question from Punk??? and I liked the innocence of this one.

  7. Jack: Box date?

    Wander: Oh, I deleted that, Wander. I just couldn't make it work. But I find the innocence idea interesting. I guess I saw it more as craving what the box represented but not actually being able to acquire what's in the past.

  8. I have a poem like that it is called viewed through the eyes....

    As tall as the sky
    Standing on the end
    A little boy yells
    Let me jump

    Viewed through the eyes of a child
    So simple
    Let me jump
    So simple, let me jump!

    He jumps
    This moment frozen
    Locked in memory
    This moment

    Years have gone
    The way they do for everyone
    Still that memory
    Viewed through my eyes

    Dad, let me jump
    I shouted
    Standing on his hand
    Let me jump!

    Chris McQueeney 8/29/11 11:42 PM

  9. Oh yeah, Happ Happy New Year my friend, I hope you have a good year!

  10. Hope you brought it in proper and fun, Chris :) I'm thinking we should go on tour with these poems of ours.

  11. You book the dates and I'll hitch a ride:)

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