Sunday, January 01, 2012

Choose My Book Title!

Ben Ditmars' chapbook of poetry, Night Poems is now Available on Amazon for Kindle and Print.

Hello loves, I was thinking of a way I could involve everyone in a fun post for the New Year. It hit while writing night poems for my new book. Since, I have no real title I thought I'd write some ideas down here and let you, the beautiful, sexy reader choose one or give your own. Here's what's going through my head.

Bat Ben and the Joker aka Writer's Block

Writings from a Hopper Nighthawk

Nocturnal Admissions

When It's Dark

Moonbeam Baby

Star Tissue in a Battered Sky

A Pen and a Streetlight

Gecko Stops the Cricket Chirp


  1. Here is one for you Ben...

    When the weels fall off.
    Rhuminations from the rollin gnome.
    By Ben Ditmars

  2. You know what I like: "Moonbeam Baby". Me and my moon no-so-secret affair for 40 years. :-) xo

  3. I like Nocturnal Admissions. But here is another one for you: "Night Whisperer" ;)

  4. "Nocturnal Admissions" has my *thumbs up* :-) Good luck on your new endeavors and have a happy, creative 2012! :-)

  5. Susie: I googled it after and it turns out there's a poem by the title. Not sure if that means I can use it for a book or not :/

    Wander: That's like the most creative thing ever. Wow, it's shame I don't have any poems about gnomes yet. Hmm.

    Marion: You could do a book called Moonbeam Lady and I could do Moonbeam Gentlemen ;)

    Shreya: That's a good one, like the horse but with Night :D

    Princess Fiona: You too, Fiona :)

  6. How about a combination? When it's dark, Gecko Stops the Cricket Chirp

  7. What about "In the Butt Ben" ...wait, might be too similar to Bob Eubanks book "In the Butt Bob"

  8. hey sweets
    here are my ideas:

    night poems, by ben


    in my head at night


You've found your way inside my head and now there's no way out!