Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Late-Night Riff

I was thinking over how one
Makes another care. Not just glance,
Or nod but really care in some
Spiritually transcending way.

I realized the answer went
Beyond the store or simple
Marketing.  A TV ad for soap
Will seldom bring epiphanies
That change a life’s direction.

Passion’s not a manufactured good
That you create and sell.  It’s
Something that was always there
Beneath the surface.

The artist is a miner
For feelings and lost goals,
Dreams all but given up
But not forgotten.

From the safety of their chair
And the terror of their minds
They must battle cave-ins
Not so different from those
Poor souls who sacrifice their lungs
For meager wages.


  1. It's always been my favorite. Always in my pouch.

  2. Good stuff! My favorite line:

    "From the safety of their chair
    And the terror of their minds"

  3. Oh yes. Manufactured passion is a fake fur. And yet, in passing, it will draw the protesters red paint.

  4. Thanks Pistol and Jack! Provocative comment, Annie :)


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