Saturday, October 08, 2011

In Paradise

Stevie Wonder sees again
In paradise. And we see him.
The grass is greener on
Both this side and the other.
We can’t remember why
We hated, sought to bring
Each other down. It’s all
A faint and laughing memory;
Tickling, not festering the
Bottoms of our feet.
Our tears are tears of joy
And nothing less.


  1. Hey, it sounds good to me. Imagine the music he'll make seeing. My pat phrase is "if heaven doesn't have books, I don't wanna go". With my luck, they'll have Kindles. :-)

  2. The grass is greenest on the side you water.

    Hate is funny like that. It can have a lingering aroma but you can't even remember the recipe, much less eating it.

    And if heaven dosen't have storms, I'm not going to like it much. And I'm afraid it's going to be crowded. I have crowds.

  3. How about metaphorical storms Annie?

    Buut where I'm going will be far more crowded. Hint: it's not heaven ;)


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