Friday, October 14, 2011

Blogger Book Club Suggestions

I've found some interesting books to suggest for our book club.  If any one else knows a good one I'll add it to the list as well :-)

Maurice by E.M. Forster: A tale of homosexual love in early 20th century England, following Maurice Hall from his schooldays, through university and beyond.

Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski: Written in Bukowski’s characteristically straightforward prose, the novel tells of his coming-of-age in Los Angeles during the Great Depression.

Hocus Pocus by Kurt Vonnegut: The major plot event concerns a prison break in a small New York village, located directly across from a prominent university. The protagonist's life revolves heavily around both the prison and the university, and the community that must accommodate both.The main character is Eugene Debs Hartke, a Vietnam War veteran and college professor, who realizes that he has killed exactly as many people as the number of women he has had sex with.

The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald: It tells the story of Anthony Patch (a 1920s socialite and presumptive heir to a tycoon's fortune), his relationship with his wife Gloria, his service in the army, and alcoholism.

Brazil by John Updike: Tristão Raposo, a nineteen –year-old black child of the Rio slums, spies Isabel Leme, an eighteen-year-old upper-class white girl, across the hot sands of Copacabana Beach, and presents her with a ring. Their flight into marriage takes them from urban banality to the farthest reaches of Brazil’s wild west, where magic still rules.

S by John Updike: The eponymous S. is Sarah Worth, Boston bred, upper-class WASP, and when we meet her in this epistolary narrative, she is on an airplane, writing to tell her doctor husband she is leaving him to join her guru on an Arizona religious commune. In a whimsical twist, Updike makes Sarah a Hawthornian counterpart to Roger in Roger's Version: one of her ancestors was a Prynne; her daughter's name is Pearl (Publishers Weekly).


  1. Wowzer, heavy stuff there, Ben. I suggest an Updike: Either "S." or "Brazil". But I'm a bookslut and I'll read anything you pick. LOL! xo

  2. Those sound fab, Marion. I'll add them to the list :)

  3. Thanks, Ben. I came to Updike my 40's and fell instantly in love. (My most treasured possession is a handwritten, autographed note by him that my younger daughter got for me when he spoke at her college.) xo

  4. I've already read Ham on Rye but Updike does sound good :) let me know what you pick.

  5. Perhaps I'll have to wait till my 40s, but I have one word and one word only to describe Updike, "Overrated." Of course, if the general vote is Updike I'll read it and lend my two cents (and try to be nice). :-)
    I've already read the Fitzgerald one and LOVED it! I'd be willing to try Vonnegut. He's been on my to read list a long time.
    If you still need suggestions, anything by Jack London, Toni Morrison, or George Orwell would have my vote. I will read pretty much anything though. Thanks for organizing this. I'm so excited!

  6. Can't wait to see what your thoughts are once we choose, Berlinerin :)


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