Saturday, October 15, 2011


They put sugar in my coffee,
Unasked, unwantedly
And dulled the flavor.
Suddenly my tongue’s confused;
Having had one love and now another.
My buds are screaming to confess to bean,
This love affair with sugar cane.
I didn’t enjoy it; it was hell, I thought
Of you in ecstasy; I really did,
If only just a moment as I came
Saliva and embraced a mess
And residue so sweet to stick
Beyond my mouth.


  1. This is so witty! I love the wordplay especially. Great job!

  2. JAJAJAJ really funny, i loveeeeeeeeeee coffeeeeeee!:)
    Oneee kiss Beeeen!!!:)(L)

  3. Welcome, Punk Chopsticks. All work an no wordplay makes Ben a dull boy :p

    How do you take your coffee, Pitufina?

  4. Can't drink it black. Sludge. Blech. But hell...torn between two addictions? Yeah. Been there, done that.

  5. I like it black but it's hard on my stomach without cream. I detest any coffee with sugar though. Not completely sure if this poem thus represents any personal beliefs, I just kind of started writing.


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