Monday, October 17, 2011

100 Word Prose Poem on My Dancing Friend

He shows up once a year. To dance. He doesn’t talk. He doesn’t think. He moves. His body speaks the poignant words his lips can never manage. Passion manifests itself in snap and groove. Love is made; hearts are broke, each step by step. Sleepless nights and days in bed get told through his eyes; the angle of bent hips. Hair becomes the breeze; shoes an ancient rhythm as common as the birds that sing; he’s been doing it as long. A groove to come and go each Spring; immortal like the sky. Constant, fleeting, footwork past the February cold.*

*Yup. A Spring poem in Fall.


  1. Lo más hermoso es bailar enamorado, me encanta la entra!besotes

  2. I love this Ben! There are so many languages and movement is one of my favorites. I am a dancer. Not a professional dancer...I can't-stop-my-feet kind of dancer. When the music starts, the body takes over and the conversation is magical.

  3. This is one of my favorites! How do you do it? HOW do you do it?

  4. Very nice. It's interesting that you thought of writing a Spring poem just as fall comes around. This lifted my spirits; it made me remember that warm days are coming.
    I feel like you're a person who would enjoy swing dance. Do you?

  5. Annie: I always imagined you a great dancer with all the music you post. Are you sure you don't dance blog?

    Punk: Oh, just watching my friend dance. He didn't have class that day but said he showed up to the lobby to socialize, which must have meant gettin' his groove thang on. He was dancing before I went to class and dancing after I got out. It was pretty impressive.

    Maria: I swing danced once and would like to again. I live out in the country though and it's hard finding a close enough venue. Or a partner.

  6. I'll find a way :) I car dance. I desk dance. Must be a way.

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