Sunday, September 04, 2011

A Sonnet for Colin Creevey

I've sat on this poem for a few days now, unsure if it's ready.  It's the culmination of ideas I've had for a long time about how heroic Colin Creevey truly was throughout the Harry Potter books.  His sheer, unrelenting loyalty to Harry, just struck me; from a little boy snapping pictures, standing up for him against much older wizards, to in the end dying for him, all the while persecuted with his brother Dennis under Voldemort's regime for being Muggle-born.  Let me know what you think...

He gave it all for the man he adored,
and idolized for years in magic school.
Put down his camera, picked up the sword
to die outmatched by all but heart in duel.

Muggle-born, mudblood cast out his sixth year
coming back to fight pureblood mania
threatening his young brother, causing fear;
persistent, rampant xenophobia.

Petrified by snake but never frightened,
always standing with the good and bravest,
those thought selfless, true and most enlightened;
he proved himself an equal to the rest.

If there is a God he must know above
that Colin Creevey lived and died for love.


  1. I like your sonnet and I'm sure Colin would love it, too. God bless the underdogs of this world!!!

  2. This is SO great! I have you have a few more Potter-themed poems, after the Neville one and this one, and I can't wait!
    P.S. I'm re-reading the series and you TOTALLY reminded me of what happened. Thanks a LOT! lol


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