Saturday, September 03, 2011

Artemis & I

I entered the following poem in a Greek Gods poetry contest.  The particular goddess they wanted wrote about was Artemis so I gave it a shot.

Looking back I realize you were Artemis
Obsessed with wild animals, the hunt and moon.
A lonely river god could never tame
Or see past your disguise.

Actaeon had suffered for a glance as I,
Orion and the rest would fall,
Seeking to undo a fabled chastity
Beyond the limits of your love.

Your jealous wrath had struck me dumb
Cut out my tongue, reduced a
Once proud stream to tears
And dammed the flow.


  1. "reduced a
    Once proud stream to tears
    And dammed the flow."


  2. This is awesome, Ben. You should definitely win first place. (Your intro line cracked me up...thanks for the laugh). xo

  3. You're welcome. I don't know about first place though. I'd be happy with an honorable mention :)


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