Monday, September 05, 2011

Gnomes, Gnomes, Gnomes by Whitney Taylor

My friend Whitney, who blogs at Witty Whit's and is always a supportive and truly great wrote a wonderful fan poem for my novel Gnomes of Coyûl.  I'd like to share it with you all here.

Ben made gnomes
Gnomes gnomes gnomes
How I love them gnomes
Cute little men in beards, tall hats, and coats
And women in their cute hats and dresses
Living in the beauty of nature
How small they are and size up to a tree
The trees stand like towering giants
Through the four seasons this is their home
They are quite like us you see
They love, fight, and dream
Gnomes gnomes gnomes
How I like how it sounds on my tongue
Real as you imagine them to be


  1. LOL! I love it. It fits you too a T. But one must not get too friendly with the little bastards. I have one in my living room with his own gnome door and you would not believe the shit he brings home! I know my neighbors must think me a thief, but I swear it's the gnomes. I've named him Ben, so maybe that's why he's so crafty. Tee-Hee....

  2. Haha I envy your pet gnome. Mine just stare into space ;)

  3. Ben, my son-in-law the surgeon has serious gnome-o-phobia. Here's the scoop: We were doing Rock City (which has a little gnome village set up in an area carved into the mountain) at a Christmas visit when they lived in Chattanooga, and my daughter whispered to me, "Psssst, Mom, watch Paul when we go by the gnome exhibit, okay?" So, I'm walking behind them and sure enough, Sarah stops & looks into the gnome village and Paul has hauled ass far, far away from the gnomes, never once even turning his head in their direction. I'm laughing my ass off because I've known Paul since he was in jr. high and he's like Mr. Perfect. So the reason I bought my gnome was to scare him when they come and visit. I hide it and bring it out in different places to fuck with his head. It works.... I'm the funnest mother-in-law EVER. LOL! We do love our gnome-o-phobic surgeon. And I love telling the story, too. PS: We have fairies, too, but I'll tell you about them later. Tee-Hee

  4. You should show him my blog ;) It's good and gnomey. Can't wait to hear about the fairies too!


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