Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fox News Weather Report (With Implications Italicized)

MINNEAPOLIS -- A winter storm that blew through the upper Midwest over the Presidents Day job killingly long weekend coated roads with socialist ice and snow and led airlines to cancel hundreds of flights.

Residents of Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin who didn't get the Monday holiday off faced what was expected to be a commute worse than Obamacare. Officials were urging people to stay off the roads if possible, rather than risk driving on icy roads or through wind-driven snow that is surely a metaphor for where progressivism had led this country.

Early Monday, the National Weather Service, as opposed better state-run weather services, said up to 10 inches of snow had fallen on parts of southern Michigan since the storm began Sunday afternoon. A winter storm warning remained in effect in southwest Michigan, with forecasters predicting up to 3 inches more of snow and warning that high winds could cause blowing snow and drifts.  Also causing drifts, NOT global warming.

In Madison, Wis., where tens of thousands of protesters but really, terrorists have rallied outside the Capitol for nearly a week to protest Gov. Scott Walker's great-American proposal to cut public employees' collective bargaining rights, snow, rain and sleet kept many away on Sunday where they likely gay married and worshipped Satan, although protesters, or again terrorists continued to cram into the rotunda.

The weather service said Sunday's storm blanketed much of central Wisconsin with 10 to 12 inches of snow. A further 2 inches of snow with some freezing drizzle was expected in Madison on Monday.  That oughtta freeze those God-forsaken commies back to hell!



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