Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jackie, the MGM Lion

Jackie the MGM Lion
stepped up to the microphone
Seizing his one chance
To be more than just a sideshow
Or a circus pet.

He sang with all the passion
Of a Satchmo or a Bessie Smith
Hoping that his roar might echo
Through film history.

Growling soft, then loud
He paused and growled again
Before turning to one side
A nervous wreck.

The motto Ars gratia artis,
flashed inside his mind and made
Jackie think over his integrity.

Did art not need moral justification?
Was he doing this for more than just himself?
And if he was, was that okay?
After all, it was just art.

Jackie felt the trainer’s whip.
He had dared to hunch and paid the price.
Suddenly, a lot more seemed at stake
                                                         Than his integrity.


  1. im inside your head and intend to hide here till someone asks for rent, i was lured in by the mgm lion


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