Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Prayer

“God,” I prayed “why don’t you show yourself to the tyrants and hateful persons of the world and tell them they’re wrong?”

And, lo, light shone down upon me and a voice spoke; neither male nor female.

“I do every day.  I put the voices into those that cry.  I send men and women that stand against the most horrible oppressions and injustices.  Did you not see me inside Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. or Mother Teresa?  I was there, believe me.”

“But wouldn’t it be quicker, if you stepped in personally, through no one else?”

“And what would I do?  One will never change a heart by force.  It is only in my power to show the despots and destructive people they are wrong.  Sometimes they will see my signs.  Sometimes they will not.”

“Does that mean, you wouldn’t grant world peace, even if I prayed for it?”

“I have.  I put the power and potential inside all my creations.  All you must do is realize it exists and act.”

“Amen,” I said.

“Amen,” replied God.

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  1. yep...very similar thoughts...apart from the fact that you'r directly conversing with God.:):)


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