Saturday, January 15, 2011


Wearing their best,
A couple dines
On liquor and monotony.

The loner
In the corner
Envies their dissatisfaction.

And the barkeep
Would most gladly
Trade with all of them.

You aren’t romantic anymore
The redhead says despondently,
While looking at her nails.

We ain’t no spring chickens,
He replies slouched down
By his bourbon.

The other man considers
How he’d keep the redhead
Laughing, smiling all the time.

But the barkeep
Only wants to rest
His tired feet.


  1. Very nice spin on a picture we've all seen very often.
    I love the line, "Envies their dissatisfaction."

  2. I wasn't quite sure where to end this one. It really could have just kept going forever :p


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