Sunday, January 16, 2011

Edward Hopper: A Day in His Life

Sun rays make the orange look red
Above the Sunday morning Barbershop,
Where Hopper gets his haircut every week.

A chair car, later, takes him through a road in Maine
Where mountains rise like hills with green
To jut out, crumble on the curves.

He arrives in town and walks past darkened yellow stoplights,
Norton’s Ice Cream, Candy, Drug and Soda shops,
Finally approaching the marquis of Circle Theatre.

Inside Hopper sees a New York Movie,
Fighting with his wife, who leaves to cry
On flowered carpet near red curtains.

They never see the ending as they leave,
With Edward passing Silber’s Pharmacy
And sighing to himself.

Angry, jaded, feeling famished
The Hoppers go inside a diner,
And sit across another Nighthawk.

Slouched with rolling eyes
His wife concludes the romance dead
Despite having rented a hotel room.

She reads there later on the bed in lingerie,
Bought for a special evening,
Not meant to be.


  1. Great poem! I can really imagine in my head everything he did that day. I can even imagine myself sitting at the same diner, looking at them, taking my notebook out and writing about why she looks so disappointed.

    There you go! A comment! ;)


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