Tuesday, May 04, 2010


We’ve become a race of corporate zombies. Everything that makes us human is pointed toward ambition, underlined with fact. There’s no place for fantasy when you’re up against the world in all you do. To survive we have to be the best. We cannot savor the benefits and fruits of labor as we might in yesteryear. We must always think ahead of how to grow more fruit from a tree that’s in its dying throws with roots as shriveled as hopes and dreams from childhood that now seem vague.

In all honesty I feel as if it’s better to just die of hunger than to give myself away; to die as wild and as free as humans were before the dollar, rupee, yen and pound. I want to be a hunter, gatherer in the days when there were animals and gatherings.

I want to feel the earth, not the fluorescent, artificial air of supermarkets. More yet, I think I’d just be me and not whom everyone will try and push me toward. I love myself but professors say to love someone I’m not. They want us to be like them, so analytical and crass. Everything must be the upmost academic. If you disagree, or dare to change, you’re left behind – a casualty of non-conformity.

For once I want to write, not quote, put myself in footnotes and my bibliography. All essays nowadays belong to someone else. There’s no place for emotion. What might give a paper purpose is crossed out, redlined, commented on the margin until all humanity’s a blob of hideous contortions.

Any question was once a worthy question but now is punished with irate misunderstanding. To think different is a danger. Don’t question you’re country, you’re a traitor. Don’t question the free market, you’re a socialist. Don’t question those in power if they’re belong to my party; the party has become an idol.

Jesus might try and free us if he were still alive – but he would be a heretic. Wall Street and the Washington consensus would have him hunted him down and hanged.

The sinners are the ones who cast the stones; the poor without must take the beating. Those who suppress hide behind a veil of government, police and gateless borders. There’s no capitalism for those without control. The masses work for overlords and have no say.

Optometrists and pharmacists are confined behind their Wal-Mart walls. Accountants must fight large companies that control the banks, congress and existence in itself.

If life is a cart, we are surely all the road.

Us college students, who are not a product of the super rich, have nowhere left to go but down. It is rare to find a place in competition with six, approaching seven, billion people that can go and do jobs anywhere and everywhere.


  1. Fantasy and reality. hmmm.

    "I want to feel the earth, not the fluorescent, artificial air of supermarkets."

    And yet you prefer malls. To what? I can't say. But I know you do like malls.

  2. I don't think you have "nowhere to go but down"

    Far yes.
    Not down.

  3. Awe, yes, was just feeling particularly emotional.


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