Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A Day in My Life

A Day in My Life

I drove my car today oh, boy
Around the rocky spires in the rain
The sound of thunder shook the air
Lightening struck and caused an avalanche
But I just kept driving with my wipers on.

I read a poem at Carnegie oh, boy
The audience just couldn’t get enough;
A sold out show, I was the star,
The papers would all give me rave reviews…
If only I had booked the show.
I broke in that night.

I skipped a stone out in the lake oh, boy
It must have got more fish than with the pole.
The activists said I was harsh
To kill so many innocents –
The next day there was an oil spill.
I guess I proved them wrong.

It seems the day has passed oh, boy
A lifetime’s spanned out for a fly
Children were born while others died
Money was made, but more was took
I wish the sun, just might have shined
But it’s too clouded with our thoughts.
Perhaps our brains need cap and trade.

- Inspired by the Beatles, A Day in the Life


You've found your way inside my head and now there's no way out!