Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Prologue

Legend tells of a book beyond any man has wrote; a book so great as to rival the Torah, the Qur’an, and the Holy Bible itself. In truth this is not even one compellation, but three. The Gods feared it so and split it, thus hiding its pieces far apart within the universe.

It was said an exceptional man may go many lifetimes before glimpsing one, and several more before laying hand on it. And even in immeasurable lifetimes it is hard to say if a man or women could hold a book within their hands.

What could be within these books, you may ask, for even the mightiest of Gods to fear? Everything. Everything that ever was, is, and shall be lies within these very books.

The Fates forged them in the beginnings of time, before the threads of life were spun. Clotho wrote the past, Lachesis the present and Atropos the future. In a sense, it was a universal thread of life. The book, originally one, had the power to undo all they would begin and end. It was a safety net, but a short lived one.

When Zeus had grown, taking Olympus and learning of the Fates, he feared them greatly, but saw his existence tied to the book. And its fate, the harbinger of all fate, was sealed.

No one, not even Zeus himself knew exactly where they ended up. His mind being tricked into its own demise he could not allow, as tempting and alluring as the power of ultimate knowledge may have been.

Once in a millennia, one still twinkles in the stars. A fool or two race after it, becoming lost forever in the heavens. Much like the books, they are never found.

In their celestial realm, neither here, nor there, the Fates are too busy cutting threads to bother making more. Zeus knew mortals and their flicking mortality would keep the Fates in check, and his self immortal. And he was right for many eons.

But forever is a farce and time will unravel the best laid plans.
Pope Pius was a bum.


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