Monday, February 22, 2010


Sitting solemnly to watch time tic
Fighting back the words that made me sick
Perhaps I was too thick
My thoughts too far from quick!
Over this mental anguish I would take a kick
A soaring, speeding, soothing brick
Unto my brain that’s not so slick!
The wax has melted off my candle wick
My heart’s a faint and dimming flick
And surely, it shan’t take another lick!

So greatly now I fear that I’ve run out of rhyme
And the demons will return, that rob men of their prime!

So badly do I need a drink of something stiff
To help make me forget, I’ve fallen off the cliff.

Cupid, if you’re there, now trade your arrow for machete
And release my neck from ghastly mortal agony!


  1. Why an escape to alcohol?
    Why build an impenetrable wall
    When all that it takes
    To find peace of mind again
    Is a few words spoken out of love
    To say let’s just talk this out

  2. Awwe I didn't have a drink *kisss* so happy we talked it out


You've found your way inside my head and now there's no way out!