Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Love under a Microscope

Molecule display

Scientists examined love
under a microscope
and found to my chagrin
that you were right
and I was wrong.
Our covalent bond
in balance with repulsive force
crumbled from the outer shell
leaving us alone and charged.
Deflected by magnetic fields
attracted to each other's opposite
our lives moved on positive and free
with other molecules.


  1. That info must have been a little hard for the lover to take,,, I enjoyed this,,,

  2. Wow ... I love the way you defined love scientifically !!!

    1. Thanks, GS. It's interesting to define something so qualitative, quantitatively.

  3. Yes I agree with Green Speck - what a unique way of approaching this Ben. You rock!

  4. Excellent attempt to define the inexplicable phenomenon of love. I have yet to understand it, to figure out how to truly receive it and how to feel is as something real and not contrived. It's a difficult thing for me. Opposites attract, but those same attractions fail us when infatuation ends and need begins. First five lines were a home run for me !!!!

  5. Ben...my friend I am glad to read you again...Ill update you on a IM later...


  6. I am so pleased to see your work here, shall return often, awesome piece! ♥

  7. I love the references, and the nice double meanings at the end. Clever stuff, sir.

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