Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beautiful by Night

some of us are left behind
dotted pictures in the sky
for you to find
because we shine
not all at once but
through the years
imperceptible by day
beautiful if only at a distance 
in the night.

Beautiful Night at the Power Plant


  1. Shining not all at once but through the the analogies you use in your poetry. Have a great Easter weekend :)

  2. It feels difficult to be beautiful up close. Distance is more comfortable for me, but i'm working on that. I like that we let out our light a little at a time. It extends beauty, yes?

    1. Or gives you a clearer perception of beauty in its entirety.

  3. Optimistic Existentialist got to this line first, but I love the thought of shining through the years.

  4. I like the idea that we are all beautiful but this cannot always be seen at first glance,,,we blossom as we grow,,I love your idea of how we may shine,,,

  5. The older I get, the more fondness I have for things past that were maybe taken for granted. This poem jolted me into realizing that process.


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