Friday, March 08, 2013


It’s no secret I am broken 
Or who broke me 
They've gained everything 
And spent their spoils without shame 
Leaving me in shambles 
Devoured in an ice cold rage 
Frozen useless to the ground 
As they still shine.

Ice nature


  1. I like this...a poem of one person suffering heartache as the other person happily moves on...or at least that was my interpretation. Your poetry always makes me think.

  2. Oh,,,,,have I been there,,,a good write and the photo is beautiful,,,,,

  3. Perhaps this is a true story with many voices !!!

  4. A lovely photo ~ I like your interpretation of the broken against those still shining & spending their spoils without shame ~

    Happy weekend ~

  5. I have felt some of this before Ben. You did an excellent job as usual and you surely do carry the torch and the bar is high..

  6. Ah, but frozen can shine like the sun..and the sun melts ice..and we can start re-building...if we're optimistic..


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