Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Drowning in the Covers

Drowning in the sea
of pillow cases
I cannot look
out from.

Wrapped around a blanket
that’s a tourniquet
keeping in my blood.

Thrashing on the covers
unmaking what was never made.

I see a light - divine, compact fluorescent.


  1. Was this a post about sleeping in? Because that's what it reminds me of :)

    1. I was thinking more getting into bed when the world gets you down.

  2. I hope you don't have the flu. (That's what jumped into my crazy head. LOL!) It's storming here today and warmish. I'm gonna jump into my bed with a pile of poetry books. ;-)

    Sending you hugs and love!!

    1. Oh, no, just in bed thinking.

      I'll have to send you my new book ;-)

  3. I've had tourniquet sheets before!!! They are not easily undone. Be well Ben Ditty.

  4. I agree with the sleeping in sentiment...like the bed is a part of you, and getting up will erase you (echoed in your "tourniquet" line).

    Clever write, once again.

  5. As I lay
    world spinning
    But that's OK

    One hell of a day
    Gorge is rising
    But thats ok

    As I lay
    world is spinning
    Gorge is rising
    drank too much
    Feel like dying
    but that's ok

    Whatever happens
    It's ok
    One fluorescent bulb
    To light my way

    Wander, ²0¹³

    Thanks for the muse Ben :-)

  6. Like it,,,I was thinking you couldn't sleep and were tossing and turning,,,,but however we all see it - it's a great write and I can identify either way.


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