Sunday, August 26, 2012

My First Kindle Short: Witherspork!

Hello, everyone! I recently published my first short story on Kindle, Witherspork.  You might remember me posting some of it on the Spice way back when.  Well, I think it was a little lengthy for a series here, but you can read it all from start to finish now for just $1. Hope everyone gives it a shot!


  1. how cool! do you have to have a kindle to read it? that probably was a stupid question, right?! hehe

    this is awesome ben. congrats!

    1. You can download a kindle app for most devices or I can email it to you ;-)

  2. that's so cool! hope you get a million buys or at least half that!

  3. Is it available in Kobo? Its our Canadian version of Kindle?


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