Sunday, June 03, 2012

Short Play from a Dream I Had...




A room with a bed and adjacent closet.

[KAT sits on the bed as MAURY paces nervously]

MAURY: Kat, I have something to tell you.

KAT: I suppose it's another affair.

MAURY: No, not this time. That was only a phase.

KAT: Yes, where marriage counseling failed, sex therapy picked up to save the day!

MAURY: Kat, please, just listen! I had an experience. [Kat rolls eyes] Do you see the closet over there?

KAT: I'm not blind.

MAURY: I walked inside it.

KAT: With who? Let me guess, another stripper?

MAURY: You don't understand. I walked inside it and... I disappeared!

KAT: Well, where did you go? Pleasure Town?

MAURY: Kat, believe me that it wasn't an affair. I ended appearing in some jazz lounge. Everyone wanted to hear me play saxophone!

KAT: You must have hit your head or tripped. You don't even play saxophone!

Maury: That's the other thing, I've always wanted to!

KAT: What is it you're trying to say?

MAURY: This closet of ours must lead to a different realm or dimension showing us our greatest desires. You've got to try it.

KAT: Maury, I'm not mental. I really don't care who else you've slept with this time or even how young they were. So, you can stop playing games.

MAURY: I'm not playing games, for Christ sake. Just get in the closet. You'll see.

KAT: All right, but if there's nothing in there I'm going to stay with my mother for a while. Maybe forever.

MAURY: I wouldn't expect any less.

[KAT opens up the closet door and looks inside]

KAT: Oh, I see Prince Charming and a pumpkin carriage!

MAURY: Just walk inside.

[She walks inside]

What do you see?

[He walks slowly toward the door]


[She falls into his arms]

KAT: I saw the stars out over earth. I was flying if you call it that in space.

MAURY: Anything else?

KAT: Yes. We were together. But not like now.

MAURY: How then?

KAT: You never cheated. Everything was whole.

MAURY: Throw that in my face.

KAT: I wouldn't have to if you hadn't done it!

MAURY: Kat, you know I was ill.

KAT: Bullshit. You weren't addicted to sex. So why did you do it?


MAURY: I was in bed one night. You thought I'd gone to sleep and I overheard you on the phone. You were telling Cindy how much you regreted your life with me; how I held you back.

KAT: You weren't supp-

MAURY: Supposed to hear? I wish I hadn't.

KAT: I'm sorry, Maury. I really am. There's just so much I wanted to be.

MAURY: Like what?

KAT: Oh, it's all so silly now. I wanted to be an astronaut.

MAURY: And I want to be a jazz musician.

[KAT, MAURY look at the door]

KAT: Maybe...

MAURY: We still can...

[Both grasp hands and walk through it].



You've found your way inside my head and now there's no way out!