Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hello, bloggers. I have returned. I took a brief hiatus, but kept up writing. There's poetry, fiction, a play and even a comic in my journal! All new and all for you! So let's start out this jazz with a little story I wrote.



My family told me they were fireflies. Mark and Bobby laughed at me for knowing what they really were. I grabbed a jar off of the railing, running through the yard to prove them wrong and catch a fairy.

At first, they fought, flying out of reach but I soon gained on them. They came closer out of curiosity. One or two were in my reach. I swung my bottle over them and closed the lid. Three creatures stared at me. None of them were insects.

One possessed a face not too unlike my brother Mark's. The others hid behind translucent hands. My grin reflected over them. Their light shined a glimmer over all of us. The fairies, I saw that they now were, were beautiful yet flinching creatures, pale green and pink from different angles.

"Come back with me" I whispered to the glass. I felt they understood though being far too terrified to speak. Their small tears spoke volumes but I had to prove myself to Mark and Bobby. They were sitting on the porch, still doubting me.

I turned and broke into a sprint, forgetting the small creatures misery. Adreniline and pride at my discovery took hold. I had discovered something extraordinary! My brothers would never hear the end of it! I became so entranced in fantasies of their humiliation I forgot the jar entirely. It slowly floated from my arms above my head. The fairies had lifted it together, just high enough before it dropped!

I leapt to catch it, feeling the cold glass slip through my hands and shatter. Three fairies quickly freed themselves to pull my ears and cackle through the moonless night.

They faded to the distance as I stared. Mark and Bobby would have the last laugh - their brother who couldn't even catch a firefly - not knowing I had found a great deal more.


  1. Do I need to cut my ear off?

    Nice piece Ben, how are ya?

    1. No way! But I could be like Theo.

      I'm doing good. Just been busy with school.

  2. Welcome back!

    I like the idea of one mocked having a true advantage.

    (Full disclosure: Upon seeing the title, I thought, You would not believe your eyes...

  3. Back..and on fire..fairies..and sometimes brothers..are not all sugar and spice..that you have to find our hero has begun to know..Jae

  4. Wonderful piece sir if I may say. Very vivid imagery!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Berlinerin. A part of me worried you were still upset with me about what happened on the other blog.

  6. gorgeous. very.

    this reminded of the only good thing
    about living in MO. the fireflies.

  7. Great connection. Fireflies - Fairies. So much more romantic than just being a bug. I've never seen a real firefly. It's on my bucket list :)


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