Friday, December 23, 2011

What Does Your Blog Say About You?

May I present the alphabet poem prompt.  I don't know if anyone will follow my lead with this, but I think it would be an interesting reflection on our selves if we created an alphabet poem on what our blogs say about who we are.  So, I'll give it the first go.

Impeccable, incredible
Craftsman of the

Lover of the

Ice cream lover
Cracked out on
Entertaining self.


  1. Hmm.. nice, gotta try this out. :) Anyways thanks for mentioning my blog in "In ewiger Liebe" glad to see that, I saw this tab today. :)

  2. Qué chulo Ben!:)
    está original, poor cierto FELICES FIESTAS!:)

  3. HAH! Awesome idea! It would actually be a hard one for me to accomplish, but I like yours.

  4. WTH Ben...You crack me up!!! I'll give it a go, but my blog name is so fricken long, not fair!

    "cracked out on entertaining self" sometimes while writing I laugh so hard at the s$%t I write. good concept, maybe you could start a weekly poem forem with this as the inspiration?

    Word verif...Plarm. I still cant figure out why Plarm flipped me off. Hurt my feelers it did. He better not be expecting a Christmas card this year!

  5. Rohit: Can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Shreya: It was my pleasure, Shreya :)

    Jessica: Felices Fiestas to you too. Hope they're going great!

    Berlinerin: Haha yes, that would take a very long time. I'm sure it'd be pretty cool though ;)

    Hmwsd: You could just try Wander ;) But I don't know about weekly. I'm not a huge fan of alphabet poems. Just thought it'd be fun to try after so long.

  6. Ben please call me chris, or wander. much easier...I think I will change my profile name.

  7. Love your descriptions of yourself...not sure exactly what I would say...very creative!

  8. Ok, I wasn't sure what you wanted called now :p

    Thanks Susiephone :)


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