Thursday, December 08, 2011

Butterfly Poem Inspired by Shreya

I was reading a post on Shreya's blog Carté Blanche about her photography and thought of some lines for a poem.  Thank you for the inspiration, Shreya!  Everyone be sure and check out her blog,

The butterfly will make you wait to spread its wings
Because it knows your time is worth it.
You see it fly away but it keeps watching,
Hoping that you’ll do the same.
That human’s wings could touch the sky!
If only they stopped looking at the ground...


  1. I like this a lot. I love butterflies. I especially like...that human wings could touch the sky if only they stopped looking at the ground...

  2. The last line was done at the last minute too under a cloud of uncertainty. Glad it worked out :)

  3. OMG.. Just a picture has inspired so much, lovely lines esp. those two in italic. Thanks for the credit Ben. :)

  4. You're welcome. Thank you for the lovely photographs. How long did you wait on the butterfly? :)

  5. Oh you had me at "butterfly." This is a favorite theme of mine. Why are they so fascinating!? Great one, again!

  6. You had a really great poem about butterflies too :)

  7. Awesome, Ben. Butterflies are right up there with dragonflies in my book. :-) xo

  8. So does that mean you're starting Butterfly's Poetry and Prolixity ;)

  9. Here's your joke:::
    Military pilot who had sex with an 11 year old boy when he was 17!!!
    A JUNIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL WHO HAD SEX WITH AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENT!!! He needs to be on a sexual preditor list.
    How long did he masterbate and think about having sex with boys? In boot camp? Into his flight training? 20, 25 YEARS OLD??? OLDER???
    "Creepy rotten grape attached to an otherwise normal bunch." And he hurt property values too.

  10. LOVE THIS! (again. Ah well, you know what they say about boundless love) I really gotta stop looking at the ground

  11. Oh, yes, point your chopsticks proudly toward the heavens!


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