Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Vote!

I've set up a poll to vote for our Blogger Book Club's book.  I was thinking we could start in November and have a month to read.  I added a book by Toni Morrison I didn't put in the original list with a description so I hope that's okay.  No hard feelings?  Really?  I tried so hard!  Just kidding.  Have fun voting!  The polls close Midnight on November 1.  So the night of October 31st.


  1. Noooooooooooooo
    I don't know half of those titles! Gah, do I feel dumb now or do I feel dumb now?
    *Heads to the nearest bookstore*
    Will be back!

  2. I changed my vote three times. I think they are good choices. I mean, even if we don't actually like the book the best thing about bookclubs is learning from other people, right? :-)

  3. Punk: You can always just wait and get the winner ;)

    Berlinerin: True but I hope you like it anyway :)


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