Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Day Hope Died

Note: I don't really like this poem, so I don't really expect you to either.  If you could try and just not hate it though, I'd feel pretty good.


July 27, 2003–
The day Hope died,
Left us with a quiet frown,
Trickles of slight tears
To know the end had come
Expectedly yet suddenly.
We were raised on Hope,
Singing, laughing as the world
Began to take more than it returned;
An empty ended hourglass where we
Could see the sand and almost touch
But never quite as we believed in Hope;
Somewhere now the dream’s alive,
Unburied, still performing for the ones
That need it most to take another step.


  1. I've seen better poetry from you, but it's not really hate-able. It looks like it could be messed with and cleaned up a little and it could be really good. It contains some seeds of awesome is what I'm saying. :-)

  2. You are too hard on yourself, Ben. I think it's a good poem. Lordy, but we're just all too hard on ourselves!! (I'm the same way). Keep on writing... xo

    PS: Love the line, "...empty ended hourglass.." An excellent visual metaphor.


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