Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Heaven & Hell

HE had two daughters;
one named Heaven
one named Hell.

The first was blonde
and full of light;
the second dark
and brooding.

Heaven swam through life,
her head up in the clouds;
hell more down to earth,
fixed within reality.

In truth Heaven was
the favored one.
Hell misunderstood,
impossible to reach.

But that was just her way,
the shut in intellectual
to contrast with her sister’s
beauty pageants.

They were different,
largely opposites
of light and dark,
both breeze and fire.

But as the years went by
Heaven saw herself in flames
as Hell was pulled in by the light.

Both had lived through different lives
yet were the same.


  1. Bravo!

    Convention: challenged.

  2. I like how the first word is emphasized. :-) Interesting thoughts you have penned down here. I liked the sound of dark and brooding. You made hell sound wonderful.

  3. What an amazing contrast, Ben. I love the surprising ending, too. Fabulous!! xo

  4. There is hope for all of us dark brooders then! Truth be told, I could never see myself blonde and light. It just wouldn't work.

    Hell misunderstood. Indeed!

  5. Jack: I aim for the challenge :)

    Zeba: I actually emphasized the first word after I first posted. Glad it worked out :D

    Marion: Time has a surprising way of balancing things out.

    Annie: Oh, yes, there's always hope to find the light side of dark :)


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