Sunday, October 02, 2011

Ghost Thoughts

A family recently moved into an old, long abandoned house.  Using the latest in paranormal technology we have recorded the thoughts of the spirit that drove away these new inhabitants.

Ghost: Hello and welcome to my humble abode.  Is there anything I can help you with?

Mother: This place sure is shabby.  It’s going to need a lot of work.

Ghost: That’s a bit obtuse, don’t you think?  I’ve done my best with it.

Daughter: I’m scared.

Mother:  It will feel just like home once we renovate.

Ghost: It already feels like home you shortsighted twit!

Mother: Do you want ice cream?  I bought some groceries last time I was here.

Daughter: Okay.

Ghost: I’ll take a mint gelato.

Mother: Here you go, Karen.

Ghost: Why are you leaving?  Hey, you forgot the gelato!  If you take one more step I swear… we won’t be BFF’s anymore!

Mother: Karen, go upstairs.  I’m going to do some work on these walls.

Daughter: Okay.

Mother: Now, if I just hack through this part…

Ghost: Why are you hacking apart my house!?

Mother: Hey, something pushed me.  It must be evil!

Ghost: Yeah, you break into my house, don’t get me my gelato, and I’m the evil one.

Mother: I’m a bit frightened now, but why not fondle some of these personal objects?

Ghost: Hey, that’s my blue ribbon for the second best squash! You’ll smudge it all up!

Mother: Oh my word, that ribbon was knocked right out of my hand!

Daughter: I might as well go exploring by myself now.  That scary door surely can’t be dangerous!  I’ll just open it a bit…

Ghost: Hello, nice seeing you here.  I’ve got the loveliest hat to match your blouse.  I’ll go and get it for you.

Daughter: It’s breathing down my neck!

Ghost: There’s just no pleasing the living!

Daughter: Mom, let’s get out of here!

Mother: We’ve put a lot of money in this place, but the minor inconveniences are simply too much!  Leave your things and run with me!

Ghost: I was just kidding. We can still be BFF’s!


  1. Ha! I love it. There's nothing more fun than a good haunted house. Or better yet, a haunted house story. When I was about 4 years old, my 2 sisters and I went to see "The House on Haunted Hill" movie with Vincent Price and I've never been the same. Great ghost story. xo

  2. You made haunted sound hilarious. Cute even. Damn you are good. I am smiling to myself. Not the reaction you would expect after reading a haunted house story. :-)

  3. Marion: Do either of your sisters blog too? I've been to soo many haunted houses. We also have a haunted theme park in Ohio. I want to go to that someday too.

    Zeba Zebra: Thank you :D I used to write a lot more sketches like this.

  4. It was almost like a school yard argument over who should get the teeter totter. Petty ghost. Your time is up. Move on.

    Nice write. Had me smilin!

  5. Ghost agrees. He wants to come live with Annie ;-)


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