Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Five-Minute Poem

I wanted to do an exercise seeing how much of a poem I could write in five minutes.  Maybe we could all try it and get a theme going? ;-)

Light slow dances
with the ground.
Wind cuts in,
strikes fast
and dips.
Swing then waltz,
kissing grass blades
on their necks.
The earth is coy,
wants more before
a drought sets in.
But light and wind
have took their toll
leaving cracks through
what was whole.


  1. But whole never was all that...
    and the nut
    inside it's shell
    seems meatless
    and lacking in empathy
    for the tongue
    that reaches
    for a crevice of taste.

    Light is especially sweet
    spilling through your fractures.

  2. Oh, wow. Great response. I'll try to me a more empathetic nut next time ;) But I didn't intend to say light was a bad thing. Moreover, what too much can leave you with.

  3. Freakin' awesome, Ben. A perfectly perfect autumn poem. Fabulous imagery. xo

  4. You're even more freakin' awesome, Marion :D

    Did I ever tell you that's the name of the county I live in? Marion :)

  5. I didn't not take it as bad. And I think you're plenty empathetic. And plenty nuts :) I just wrote a quick poem. That was the assignment wasn't it???? Do I have the wrong classroom again? Uh....the dog ate my other poem.

  6. Of course. I give you an A++ and FIVE gold stars ;-)

  7. You live in Marion county! How synchronistic. We have parishes here, no counties. Mine is called Rapides Parish. (Rap-eeds). We've got to quit meeting like this. Tee-Hee...

  8. ...leaving cracks through what was whole I
    left him there deep inside the rhyme of his
    own heart

  9. Wonderful, Shauna. I love the idea of rhyming hearts.


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