Friday, August 12, 2011


You once said we’d be together
But we never could be, could we?
Ink splattered hearts and open veins
Became the part of us that tore apart.
We stood still watching as our sweet
Nothings turned to bitter somethings.
Dormant parasites crawled to the surface
And finally we saw the feast that never ceased.
Time had ate away at us; picked our bones,
Sucked out the marrow for tomorrow.
You didn’t lie when you once said we’d be together;
But you were wrong and all along.


  1. Wonderful! Nice post!
    Thanks for sharing, Ben! I enjoyed the visit.

  2. Moving, fabulous poem, Ben. I love your music, too. xo

  3. Really glad you liked them both. Put a lot of work into the playlist.


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