Saturday, August 13, 2011


I've decided I want my own Hogwarts house called Gryffin-Claw-Puff. The Sorting Hat puts you where you want right? My common room would have gigantic cheese sofas and a Ritz cracker staircase!  The house ghost would be Humphrey Belcher, inventor of the cheese cauldron.  Likewise, he'd also be ghost architect finding new and creative ways to make everything cheese.  The password would each day be a different cheese; one day Swiss, another Colby and so on.  Not too surprisingly the Fat Lady would leave Gryffindor and stand guard for Gryffin-Claw-Puff.  Luna Lovegood, as well would become a professor and head the new house simply because she happens to be my favorite character.  And who could appreciate a house of cheese more than a girl who searches for crumpled horned snorkhacks and wears radish earrings?


  1. Luna's freaking awesome and SO cute in the movies. And I would like to be placed here too. Pass the word on to the Sorting Hat.

  2. Oh, yes I have a major book crush on Luna ;)


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