Friday, July 15, 2011

The Rhyme

Some people tell you that poetry should rhyme
But it’s not a perfect world – there’s not always a verse
Or a melody when things go wrong.

Expression’s in our souls
It comes out through our hands
And might not please the ear.
But there’s more to us than that,
More places it can touch.

I feel words in my heart
The aching in my back.
Things I should have said
But never got the chance.

That line sooths a memory,
Second verse a romance.
Find faith in a stanza,
Epic or a lyric.


  1. Yup! That's how I feel about poetry. It's not a perfect world, why should my poetry act like it is. Not that I don't admire structure...I do. But still, not always.

  2. There's endless ways to do structure though :)


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