Tuesday, January 11, 2011

RP: Heaven of Oz

You've heard of retweeting, right?  Well my new trend is reposting.  This is from and old post where I put up some end of the year projects.  But I think this deserves it's own post.

Heaven of Oz
Ray Bolger is walking up a yellow brick road to a cloud where Judy Garland, Bert Lahr, and Jack Haley are standing

Bert: You sure were a long time coming.

Ray: You try walking down a yellow brick road past the river Styx and around the Eternal Gorge.

Jack: Shucks, we all have.

All share a lighthearted laugh except Judy, who’s in the corner crying
Jack: Judy, what’s the matter? You’ve been mopin’ since ya got here.

Ray: Let her be. Not all of us go as easily back to those days in the Wizard of Oz. Sometimes I like to go back to my theatre days. Those were very fulfilling times, they were. I really came across as an actor.

Bert pats Judy on the back
Bert: Does anyone want to sing ‘We’re Off to See the Wizard?’

Judy: I can’t…it reminds me of the better times that can’t come back.

Jack: At least you were a success for a while after Judy. I never found my niche. But I’m happy here! There’s no pressure on us to be creative!

Judy remains silent
Ray: Sometimes Earth’s pain just goes too deep guys.

Jack: Tell me about it fellas. Let’s reenact the scene where we break into the witch’s castle.

Ray: Sounds good to me.

Bert: I’m in. Are you coming Judy?

Judy: No, I think I’ll stay here and watch my daughter down on earth for a while. She’s the most beautiful woman anywhere no matter what anyone might say.

Bert: All right Judy.

Bert gives her his heart clock necklace and kisses her head before walking off

Judy: What’s heaven without pills?

Judy sighs and looks out from cloud

Can’t wait to see you again my darling Liza. But for God sakes, take more time than I did.

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